Top 4 Admin Tasks You Can Automate by Attending an RPA Course in Singapore

Ever wondered what a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) course in Singapore is all about?

An RPA certification in Singapore allows you to introduce business process automation technology that automates routine and time-consuming processes with software bots.

You get to save time on menial tasks, while increasing your efficiency rate and reducing human errors in your work.

The best part? You don’t even need to have coding knowledge to build your first automation bot from scratch!

One of its major benefits is that it creates seamless, code-free automation across multiple platforms. Typically, the most commonly used platform is Automation Anywhere (AA), further simplifying the process via drag-and-drop actions.

Here are the top 4 administrative tasks that you can automate after taking a RPA course in Singapore.

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1. Update Databases

Ever felt like data entry is repetitive, mundane, and cumbersome? 

You’re not alone!

Be it your hiring database, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or even future projections, updating is often a menial and confusing task, especially in times of handover or learning from legacy documents in a new role. An overwhelming majority (87%) of the office workers surveyed expressed a desire for their employers to automate these manual processes.

Some more specific examples that Robotic Process Automation course in Singapore can teach you include

  • Mapping data from a CSV file to an Excel spreadsheet & vice versa,
  • Updating product inventories in an Excel worksheet with data via a CSV file & vice versa
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2. Compile Invoices

Working with many different suppliers, vendors and freelancers? Chances are you’re drawing in invoices, with multiple terms and deadlines and payments.

After completing an RPA course in Singapore, you can consolidate all these invoices with 100% accuracy. Compile and port into Excel, perform mass mail operations and capture logins to the email servers for a holistic view of documents.

That way, you’ll never miss out on an invoice ever again!
For more information on RPA certification in Singapore, check out this video from Automation Anywhere:

3. Prepare Daily Reports

With reports being part of our daily lives as professionals, there are so many repetitive steps to get at that final presentation. What if there was a way to cut down on those steps, for good?

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With Robotic Process Automation, you can extract data from websites, extract price information from online shopping platforms or any other online platform to compile and compare. This is hugely useful for employees in all organisation sizes, from small medium enterprises analysing their competitors and large multinational corporations (MNCs) calculating their profit & loss for the financial year.

4. Transferring Data from Excel to Web & Vice Versa
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When dealing with large volumes of data, it’s inevitable that an error or two might pop up when we do things the manual way. However, anything short of perfect can potentially compound and lead to astronomical losses, no matter how “small” it looks.

Oftentimes, we’re working across our localised desktops slash intranet to the World Wide Web. Unfortunately, they pretty much use different formatting and certain websites restrict copying functions and all, making it incredibly difficult to download and organise the data offline. 

By earning an RPA certification in Singapore you will be equipped to transfer data from your Excel to the Web without anyone’s help!

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