A Sneak Peek Into Our Most Instagrammable Baking Studio In Singapore

Elevate your humble baking lessons to a whole new level, while capturing photos and videos that are sure to impress your family and friends!

Our Suntec branch is the most-loved Baking Studio in Singapore for a reason! Standing at 6000 sq ft. such a large venue, every student gets ample space at their equipment station to fully flex their baking prowess! In comparison, most commercial baking kitchens for baking courses in Singapore are up to 2000 sq ft. Talk about the luxury of space!

To really immerse yourself and transport you to an otherworldly oasis, the Suntec baking studio space has an aesthetically pleasing neutral colour palette of creams and browns, with the addition of natural elements like greenery and wooden accents

Once you step into the studio for your SkillsFuture Baking Course, you will be greeted with a distinguished moss wall. This moss wall concept was inspired from Singapore’s Go Green concept embraced by some Eco-friendly malls.

Inspired from Singapore’s Go Green concept with eco-friendly malls, this moss wall lends a calm and serene vibe in the baking studio. Fun fact – the wall is actually filled with real preserved moss! Not only is it cool to look at, it makes a great backdrop for an after baking selfie!

Walk in a little further and you’ll come across our feature wall. Get to know all about our distinguished chefs! Walk along the sleek, elegant design of the feature wall and read more about BELLS Baking Studio’s unique value identity. 

To tie everything together, adjustable mood lighting is available in cool white, daylight, and warm light, so that our chefs can set the mood in the studio for different baking scenarios. 

Beautiful light fixtures also cascade from the ceilings and walkways, adding a sophisticated touch and amplifying the space of the baking studio. Hanging planters suspended from the ceiling with modern and minimalistic LED lighting sets BELLS Baking Studio apart from the rest. 

Kitchens that make you go ‘Wow’

Next up, we have the equipment stations! We’ve designed them in a curved shape to prevent knocking against sharp corners, while giving the interiors a very sleek look. 

Our baking studio in Suntec, Singapore also features full glass walls, making it feel extra spacious while giving passers-by a sneak peek into the fun atmosphere at BELLS Baking Studio.

While attending your SkillsFuture Baking Course with us, you’ll be glad to know that our Suntec City branch has industrial grade, state-of-the-art baking equipment too! 

This is something you most likely won’t find in other baking studios. 

  • Blast Freezer: Industrial grade freezers that freezes food in record time to lock in the flavour and nutrition for optimum quality! 
  • Combi Oven: Ovens that can bake and steam while maintaining exactly the desired atmosphere, to improve cook times and results. 
Photo by Zaubee

Now that we know that you are secretly planning to take a trip down to our suntec baking studio in Singapore, let us share snapshots from the available courses you can learn while filling your feed with insta stories and photos. (please feel free to beautify this part)

Our signature courses are:

Where we teach both classic and modern trendy recipes! They can also be tweaked to suit your personal taste preference. Feel free to make the switch from matcha to chocolate if you’re a chocolate lover! That way, you get to indulge in your favourite confectioneries while having full control over the ingredient list.

Still don’t believe us?

With a whopping 281 Google reviews rating us an aggregate of 4.8 out of 5 stars, here’s what some past students have to say about their baking classes at BELLS Baking Studio!

“Classes were clean and neatly set up.  Instructors were friendly and knowledgeable so the classes were conducted in fun loving and cheerful environment” – Andria Tan

“Went to a Halloween themed baking session at Bells Baking Studio @ Suntec City with my colleague. It was a very good experience with the very surprising end product!!! Although I have 0 knowledge in baking, I still manage to complete the course with friendly chefs’ help.”  – Janet Jong

At BELLS Baking Studio, we go the extra mile to ensure you have the best experience at our baking classes in Singapore. It’s our way of giving back to our students for their support, while also differentiating ourselves from the other baking studios in Singapore. The best part? Our baking classes in Singapore are eligible for SkillsFuture Credit.

So, What are you waiting for? Sign up for a course at BELLS Baking Studio today! 

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