Top 3 SkillsFuture Baking Courses in Singapore for Beginners

Enjoy baking as a hobby? Or are you looking to hone your baking skills further? Enrolling in SkillsFuture baking courses in Singapore is the next step that you can take to up-skill to the next level.

To be honest, there are seriously uncountable baking studios in Singapore! You’re literally spoilt for choice, at every skill level and any confectionery you can think of. But if you are a beginner, we’d like to recommend these 3 baking courses in Singapore. They are easy to learn, well guided by expert chefs and that are SkillsFuture credit eligible!

1. BELLS Baking Studio- Dim Sum Course

Due to popular demand, this is the latest SkillsFuture baking course they’ve introduced to their students! Suited for the traditionalists at heart, or looking to bake something that both the young and old can enjoy, this Dim Sum baking courses in Singapore unveils the secrets behind some of our beloved dishes:

  • Hong Kong Style Cheese Tarts: silky-smooth custard encased in a buttery, flaky crust.
  • Siew Mai: Also known as shiu mai, it’s a traditional Chinese dumpling of Cantonese origin

The best part? You can customise these recipes to your palate! 

When recreating these recipes at home, feel free to swap out fruits, nuts or even add more ingredients in to make these bakes truly your creations. 

2. BELLS Baking Studio Macarons, Scones & Muffins

Always wanted to try your hands at making those dainty confectioneries you’ve seen at a fancy bakery? Even with ZERO baking knowledge, you’ll be able to make something droolworthy with the help of hands-on training by our in-house chefs at our baking studios in Singapore.

  • Pandan Coconut Cream Scones with Kaya: A twist on the classic British scones, these delicious and fluffy scones are served with the ubiquitous Kaya.
  • Salted Pistachio Chocolate Macaron: The perfect chewy and crunchy consistency and filled with a creamy pistachio buttercream and chocolate ganache.
3. BELLS Baking Studio Cake & Cookies

Great for aspiring bakers and dessert-lovers, this Cake and Cookies course provides a hands-on learning experience under the guidance of their expert chefs. They will make sure to demonstrate and explain every step of the recipe while you practice them at your fully-equipped station.

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Raisin Cookies: Loaded with healthy oatmeal packed with raisins and crunchy chocolate.
  • Charcoal Matcha Chiffon: Fluffy chiffon cakes packed with fragrance and light sweetness.

Need more reasons to opt for a SkillsFuture baking course?

Here are 7other reasons why baking courses by BELLS Baking Studio stand out from the rest:

  • Ingredients are prepared in the exact ratio
  • Experienced in-house chefs exclusively at all our baking studios in Singapore
  • All baking equipment is provided at each station
  • Learning how to sift dry ingredients, rest doughs for pastries, folding and turning
  • Exclusive packaging boxes and apron to provide an immersive experience
  • Live projection of the chef’s demonstration on a large TV display
  • Flexible training sessions, with a total of 48 hours of in-class training between morning, afternoon and evening. 

Whether you’re coming down from work or home or on weekends, you’ll have a more than enjoyable experience at any of our baking studios in Singapore. 

Take your pick of SkillsFuture baking courses in Singapore offered by BELLS Baking Studio today! 

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