BELLS Co-Organises Learning Festival 2023 along with AREU and MBS

BELLS Institute of Higher Learning, in collaboration with AREU and Marina Bay Sands, has successfully organised the Learning Festival 2023. The event aimed to provide a day of fun, excitement, and learning, offering games and quizzes for the attendees.

The event was graced by the presence of Ng Chee Meng, the Secretary-General of NTUC, who honoured the occasion by visiting the BELLS booth and participating in the tech activities.

The attendees from Marina Bay Sands took a break from their busy schedules to explore various aspects of technology, including generative AI, AI Avatar creation, and the rapidly evolving technological landscape. The BELLS Team actively engaged with the afternoon crowd, sharing insights on topics ranging from Robotics Process Automation to the institute’s popular Digital and AI Transformation Courses. Special emphasis was placed on the Skills Future movement, and the team discussed how subsidies could assist Marina Bay Sands team members in covering their training costs as they embarked on the journey of upskilling and reskilling.

The proactive participation of reputable organizations like Marina Bay Sands in the Technology Transformation movement was a notable aspect of the event. The Learning Festival showcased a commitment to integrating technology seamlessly into the workplace, emphasizing the importance of organizations and their staff aligning actions with the vision of a future where technology and people coalesce.



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