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BELLS Organises SCTP Business Digitalisation Specialist Course Preview

Are you ready to future-proof your career?

Join us for an exclusive preview event where you will have the opportunity to learn how to master essential digital transformation skills that are reshaping today’s digital landscape.

In a rapidly evolving digital world, it is crucial to stay ahead by mastering cutting-edge skills such as Generative AI, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Data Analytics, Project Management, and Communication. This preview will offer you a comprehensive understanding of these vital skills, showcasing how they can significantly elevate your career prospects and prepare you for long-term success in the competitive job market. Discover the future of digital transformation and position yourself for success!

📅 Date: Thursday, 17th July, 2024
🕑 Time: 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
📍 Location: International Plaza (06-18) / Zoom Meeting (Online)
💲 No Registration Fee

What You’ll Gain:

✅ Overview of the comprehensive curriculum

✅ Meet expert instructors with industry experience

✅ Insights into career benefits and opportunities

✅ Explore funding options and subsidies available

BELLS Demonstrates Gen-AI activities at SFF X Raikan Ilmu 2024 event

BELLS Tech has recently participated as an Innovation partner at Raikan Ilmu 2024, one of the first series of this year’s SkillsFuture Festival.

Date: 29th – 30th June 2024, Location: Our Tampines Hub.

Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat highlighted the need for continuous learning in the face of AI, robotics, and digital economy advancements. He emphasised the importance of skills beyond traditional grades during the event launch. The presence of prominent figures like  Senior Minister of State Zaqy Mohamad, and MENDAKI’s CEO Mdm Zuraidah Abdullah added to the event’s significance.

BELLS Tech’s Participation in the Innovation Category

BELLS upskilling song, composed using AI Tools by our AI master trainer Naidu Gautama
Our gen-next eagerly trying out Gen AI

BELLS Gen-AI activities included an exciting Quick Draw competition, creating music with AI, and engaging on-the-spot mini ChatGPT workshops. We are privileged to advocate Tech-AI to the community through this event, fostering a hands-on learning experience and sparking curiosity and innovation among participants.

Interested in leveraging the latest AI tools?

About the event:

Raikan Ilmu is an annual initiative by Yayasan MENDAKI aimed at fostering a culture of lifelong learning within the Malay/Muslim community. Tampines residents and the hub visitors experienced a plethora of hands-on activities with emerging technologies such as the latest AI tools. Additionally, they got to explore new career opportunities and understood how to be future ready.

BELLS Trainers Symposium, supported by e2i & ESU Ignites Future of Tech Training

BELLS had the honour of hosting the Trainers Symposium “Tech the Next Step” on 27th June, supported by e2i and Education Services Union. The highly anticipated event was held at NTUC Centre, One Marina Boulevard. The event featured an engaging lineup, including keynotes, panel discussions, and tech talks.

The symposium commenced with opening speeches by BELLS’ CEO Mr. Adrian Ang and Guest of Honour Mr. Desmond Tan, Deputy Secretary General of NTUC.

Key highlights of the event included:

  • Panel Discussion: Future of Tech
  • NTUC Sharing Session
  • Tech Talk 1: Future of Training
  • Keynote Address: Gerard Seng, Executive Director at BDO
  • Tech Talk 2: A Day in the Life of a BELLS Tech Trainer
  • Panel Discussion: Modern Tech Training: What Skills Do I Need?
  • Networking & Job Application

The day was filled with insights on the evolving tech landscape in education and training. Notable sessions included a keynote address by Mr. Gerard Seng, Executive Director at BDO, and a panel discussion on the future of tech training.  The interactive symposium highlighted BELLS’ innovative practices in business and their pivotal role in upskilling Singapore’s workforce, aligning with the nation’s lifelong learning initiatives. A special segment focused on emerging technologies, including AI, and their impact on training methodologies. Attendees, including aspiring tech trainers, benefited from networking opportunities and a job application session, reinforcing BELLS’ commitment to developing a future-ready workforce.

BELLS extends heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Desmond Tan for his inspiring address and to all participants for their enthusiasm and engagement. The event underscored the importance of continuous learning and innovation in shaping the future of education and training.

Here’s a sneak peek of the inspiring sessions, networking moments, and thought-provoking discussions.

Want to accelerate your career growth with the power of AI tools & emerging technologies?

BELLS Tech Collaborates with NE SFA Team & NE CDC for a Successful Webinar on Generative AI and SkillsFuture Advice

On 22nd June 2024, BELLS Tech had the pleasure of collaborating with the NE SFA Team and North East CDC to conduct the highly informative webinar titled “The Power of Generative AI & SkillsFuture Advice Webinar @NE”. The 2-hour event was a great success, with over 160 participants from diverse backgrounds attending.

The session commenced with an insightful presentation by the NE SFA Team, focusing on the crucial need for upskilling and reskilling in today’s rapidly evolving job market. Attendees learned how to effectively utilize various SkillsFuture Credit schemes to enhance their career prospects.

In the second segment, Mr. Naidu, BELLS’ Master Trainer, captivated the audience with his presentation on the transformative power of Generative AI, structured around three key levels of AI appreciation:

  1. Apprehension: Mr. Naidu started with the basics of AI and ChatGPT, guiding participants on downloading the apps and using them effectively with prompt engineering tips.
  2. Application: The session then moved to practical applications, including creating a personal assistant and coach to improve work-life balance. Attendees received valuable tips on job search, resume building, and interview preparation.
  3. Astonishment: Mr. Naidu concluded with an impressive showcase of AI capabilities, including AI-image generators and AI-video generators. Participants were amazed by the realism of these technologies and learned how to create their own commercial advertisements and songs.

Interested in leveraging the latest AI tools?

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BELLS Tech extends heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kelvin Ng and Mr. Ray Ann from the NE SFA Team for their invaluable collaboration in making this event a success.

We are grateful to all the participants for their enthusiastic engagement and insightful questions, which made the webinar an enriching experience for everyone involved.

BELLS Supports The N2 Cluster of Teachers and Personnel on Their AI Learning Journey

On 29th May 2024, BELLS had the pleasure of hosting 40 teachers and key personnel from the N2 cluster of primary schools at our state-of-the-art New Media Lab located in Kallang Wave Mall. This enriching 2-hour session aimed to share insights on how AI and tech platforms are integrated into our day-to-day operations, curriculum, and instructional design processes.

The event began with a warm welcome from our General Manager, Sherfeeq, who elaborated on the seamless integration of technology and AI within BELLS.

He emphasised our commitment to adopting innovative practices in business, highlighting how these advancements have streamlined operations and enhanced our educational offerings.

The event also offered a glimpse into what BELLS Tech’s 4-day course, Digital Transformation in the Era of AI, has to offer.

BELLS Master Trainer, Naidu, led an interactive educator-to-educators session. He provided an overview of how AI tools assist in our curriculum development and training programs.

The session included an engaging showcase of the magic of ChatGPT and the demonstrations of using Generative AI Tools to create text-to-image, text-to-video, and even text-to-music in a short time.

Master Trainer Naidu presented a real-time demonstration of crafting a commercial advertisement using AI tools.

Attendees engaged in to a lively discussion on how to keep learners and students engaged, with everyone agreeing that a little “magic” from AI tools might be the key.

The session concluded with a glimpse into AI’s future, showcasing its potential to create realistic, cinema-quality videos in mere seconds.

Interested in leveraging the latest AI tools?

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We were honored to receive a special gift – a beautiful artwork created by a talented student from Northland Primary School.

Celebrity Chef Siti Mastura Conducted Her First Master Class @BELLS Baking Club

Celebrity Master Chef Siti Mastura has graced our newly opened BELLS Baking Club with her culinary prowess, hosting an exclusive baking Master Class that left taste buds tingling and imaginations ignited.

With her expertise and charm, Chef Siti Mastura led participants through a delectable journey, unveiling the secrets behind her signature creations. Attendees were enthralled as they learned techniques, tips, and tricks straight from the master herself.

BELLS Baking Club was transformed into a hub of creativity and inspiration, fostering a dynamic atmosphere where passion for baking flourished. Chef Mastura’s master class is an unforgettable experience, leaving attendees eager to explore their own culinary potential.

About the Master Chef

A luminary in Singapore’s culinary realm for over two decades, Chef Siti Mastura has graced TV screens on with her own baking show ‘Vanila’ and has been a judge on MasterChef Malaysia season 1.

The architect of the acclaimed bilingual cookbook “Ignite the Flame – Bonding the Generations,” Chef Siti transcends baking, seamlessly weaving tradition and family into every recipe

About BELLS Baking Club

Built on the fundamentals that baking can be a fun experience, BELLS Baking Club offers a plethora of options including DIY Baking with specially designed Digital Recipe Assistant, curated baking sessions for kids and families, exclusive Mater Class Series and more.

Location: Suntec City Mall West Wing, Temasek Boulevard, #02-408/409/411/412, Singapore 038983 |

About Master Class Series

Dive into the world of gastronomic excellence, where each session is curated to hone your skills to perfection under the guidance of various MasterChef & maestro!

To enquire about Chef Mastura’s Master Class, click here

BELLS Achieves Cyber Essentials Certification with Momentum Z’s and GICG’s Support

We’re thrilled to share the fantastic news that BELLS has successfully secured the prestigious Cyber Essentials mark, courtesy of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA).

BELLS Shines at Procurement igNite’s Digital Horizons Panel Discussion

The event commenced with a distinguished address by Guest of Honour, MOS Desmond Tan, shedding light on Singapore’s Digital Horizon.

BELLS conducted AI workshop at the Learning Neighbourhood 2023 @ North West Roadshow

The session aims to contribute to lifelong learning and upskilling, focusing on Generative AI and the influential ChatGPT technology.

BELLS Conducts Interactive Workshop on ChatGPT & AI Tools

BELLS Tech has recently got the opportunity to conduct a highly successful workshop on the usage of latest AI Tools and ChatGPT.

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