BELLS Conducts Interactive Workshop on ChatGPT & AI Tools

BELLS Tech has recently got the opportunity to conduct a highly successful workshop on the usage of the latest AI Tools and ChatGPT.

The workshop titled “Level-Up with AI Tools and ChatGPT” was held on 7th November at the esteemed Maxwell Chambers Suites. This workshop has been a part of the Makan with Maxwell, an expert speaker series to bring the Maxwell Community together to learn and grow through specially curated topics.

During this interactive #MakanwithMaxwell workshop, participants immersed themselves in the realm of cutting-edge AI tools tailored for the legal fraternity. The session covered in-depth insights into prompt engineering techniques for various AI tools, providing attendees with valuable knowledge. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to explore the application of ChatGPT in crafting effective prompts, enhancing their understanding of leveraging this powerful tool in the legal context.

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