What’s our learners’ favourite Baking Studio in Singapore? – Find Out Here

There’s a Baking Studio in Singapore that is a 5 minute walk away from the largest fountain in the world, and has a moss feature wall.

Where you may ask? 

This stunning baking studio is located in Suntec City Mall, and it’s BELLS Baking Studio’s Flagship outlet- Suntec Baking Studio Read on to learn more! 

Central Location
Image Source: Singapore Business Review

Situated in the middle of a bustling precinct that boasts office towers and shopping malls, our Suntec baking studio is situated in the middle of the vibrant Suntec City mall. 

The mall boasts more than 360 retail establishments across three levels and a basement with over 100 Food & Beverage outlets within the mall. 

Conveniently positioned at the heart of Singapore’s city centre, it’s within walking distance of three MRT stations- Esplanade, Promenade and City Hall. Perfect for those working in the CBD area!

Tired after an entire day of sitting in the office? Why not try your hand at baking to relieve stress at our Suntec Baking Studio? Our baking studio is a fantastic place to take a break after a busy day at work or in the city and simply appreciate the art of baking.

High Tech, Fully-Equipped Baking Studio in Singapore
BELLS Baking Studio – Suntec City

If you’ve ever baked at home, you’d know the hassle of getting the ingredients, equipment and everything else ready before you can even begin baking.

Well, not here BELLS! We’ve thought of everything – with over 22,500 graduates from our baking courses, we know the exact ingredients, equipment and set-up you need to bake! 

Everything you need is ready for you so you can simply focus on the fun part of baking – learning and eating it after. 

It gets better: 

This beautiful 6000 sq ft studio is strategically planned with learners in mind. Learners get an unblocked view of our chef’s training demo right from their baking stations, with a live projection of the demo on a giant television screen. This makes following the steps to baking a breeze even for beginners.

If that’s not enough, our Suntec Baking Studio features industrial grade, state-of-the-art baking equipment too! 

Bake til your heart’s content with our Combi Ovens that can bake and steam! Not only does it have this unique dual function, it can also maintain exactly the desired atmosphere, which helps to improve cook times and results. 

Short on time? You’ll be impressed by our Blast freezers that freezes food in record time to lock in the flavour and nutrition for optimum quality! 

Can I Take Beginners Level Baking Courses in Singapore?
Learning with BELLS Baking Studio

Good question!

Our baking lessons in Singapore are designed to accommodate all levels of bakers from beginner to advanced. No prior baking experience is required and our classes are set up so you can learn at your own speed.

But here’s the best part – each class is led by professional pastry chefs who will take you through every step of the baking process! 

Learn industry tips and tricks that will make your bakes go from good to great. Draw from our chefs’ wealth of knowledge to recreate bakery standard bread, cookies, tarts and cakes at home. 

So, if you’re completely new to baking, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! 

Unwind After Your Baking Session at The Fountain of Wealth
Image Source: Suntec City

With just a mere 5 minute walk away from our Suntec baking studio, you can head down to the fountain after your baking session with your gal pals and and soak in the positive “qi” energy by circling it three times clockwise, stretching out your right hand over the water, making a silent wish, and watch the wonders unfold.

Fun Fact: The Fountain of Wealth was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest fountain in the world in 1998. The fountain’s bronze ring is based on the Hindu Mandala (or “universe”) and represents the quality and harmony of all races and religions. 

Call your Baking Kakis and Join Our Baking Courses! 

We have a variety of baking classes and schedules catered for everyone. From bread to cookie baking, cake making to cupcakes and more, there is definitely something for everyone at BELLS!

Learn at your own pace and convenience with our flexible training sessions. We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes on both weekdays and weekends!

Here’s a list of our baking lessons:

Want to learn how to bake in our stunning Baking Studio? Simply contact our friendly team via email at courses@bells.sg or give us a call at 6473 3936!

Get ready to start learning how to bake with us today. We hope to see you at our most stunning baking studio in Singapore soon!

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