3 Fun Weekend Baking lessons in Singapore For Busy Bees

Been tinkering with the idea of baking lessons in Singapore? Or are you an avid fan of Cake Wars or The Great British Bake Off? Chances are, you have imagined yourself in their shoes, racing against the clock to present picture-perfect confectioneries, much to the amazement of the judges and audience.

If so, now’s the best time to sign up for classes! Perfect for a wind-down after work or on your lazy weekends, you can pick up a new hobby and expand your social circle.

At BELLS Baking Studio, we teach a wide range of confectionery from cakes, breads to macarons and even traditional Chinese  Dim Sum, or steamed dumplings!

Here are 3 of our most popular beginners level baking courses in Singapore which you can attend after work or on weekends.

Burnt Cheese Tart from BELLS Breads & Tarts Course
1. Hands-on Baking of Breads & Tarts

Tapping on everyday ingredients that can be found in most kitchens, you can confidently bake bread that’s simply *chef’s kiss*. You’ll be surprised at the depth of flavour that these humble ingredients can produce!

Technique and flavour-focused, this course will cover everything from bread kneading techniques, to ingredient ratios and fail-proof methods. For more elaborate recipes, look forward to making Sakura Mochi Buns, Seaweed Cheese Loaf, and the ever-popular Burnt Cheese Tart.

Lemon Pound Cake from BELLS Cake & Cookies Course
2. Hands-on Baking of Cakes & Cookies

Looking to contribute to the next bake sale or potluck at work?

Crafted for aspiring bakers and dessert-lovers, this 8 days course provides a hands-on learning experience from our experienced in-house chefs. Offering tantalising recipes that look and taste delish, we have anything from Apple Cookies to Charcoal Matcha Chiffon Cake! 

Our personal favourite? The oh-so-adorable Cow Print Swiss Roll filled with Chocolate Cream that’s dotted with realistic cow print patterns!

Apple Cinnamon Muffin from BELLS Muffins, Scones & Macarons Course
3. Hands-on Muffins, Scones & Macarons Making

For those who are very comfortable with beginners level baking, it’s time to tackle the crème de la crème of baked goods. This includes muffins, scones and the dainty macaron!

Encompassing every luscious flavours you can imagine, more unique baking courses in Singapore  include local renditions of these pastries (Pandan Coconut Cream Scones with Kaya), and even savoury options (Truffle Macarons), which are sure to impress and delight your friends and loved ones’ taste buds!

To take it a notch further, our expert chefs will demonstrate knife skills for pastries, preparing icings, fillings, toppings and glazes, as well as piping in baking and finishing processes.

BELLS Baking Studio

With accessibility in mind, BELLS Baking Studio is conveniently situated in central mall locations like:

  • Suntec Baking Studio: Our most photo-worthy baking studio in Singapore, it spans a whopping 6000+sq ft area featuring some stunning interior masterpieces
  • International Plaza: Located right at the heart of Downtown core area, perfect for those working from the office in the Central Business District (CBD)
  • Simei Eastpoint Mall: Our newest outlet, we’re right beside Simei MRT at the popular East Point Mall.

Whether you’re coming down from work or home or on weekends, you’ll have a more than enjoyable experience at any of our baking studios in Singapore. 

Take your pick of baking lessons in Singapore offered by BELLS Baking Studio today!

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