Sound Engineering Course: A Beginner’s Guide

sound engineering course
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Picture this – you’re at a concert, the lights go down, the crowd goes wild, and the band starts playing. The sound is crisp, clear and perfectly captures the energy and excitement of the performance. 

This is the magic created by a live events sound engineer. 

For those who are passionate about audio and who may be thinking of dipping your toes into the world of sound engineering, here’s a beginner’s guide to get you started.

sound engineering course
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Sound Engineering 101

Sound engineering is all about creating the perfect soundscape for various audio-related applications such as recording studios, live concerts, films, video games, radio and television broadcasts, and more. It involves capturing, recording, mixing, and mastering audio using various equipment and techniques. 

Attending a sound engineering course is a great way to learn these skills and become proficient in the critical aspect of modern media production, which encompasses a wide range of technical skills including acoustics, electronics, and computer programming.

Whether it’s a big-budget film, a chart-topping album or a live event, sound engineers play an integral role to bring audio to life and make it an immersive sound experience for the audience. 

sound engineering course
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General Sound Engineering vs Sound Engineering for Live Events 

While the techniques are similar, there are some key differences between sound engineering in general and sound engineering for live events.

General sound engineering:

  • Works in a studio or a controlled environment
  • Has the luxury of time and resources to carefully craft and perfect the sound
  • Uses advanced recording techniques, such as multi-track recording and editing
  • Involves technical skills such as manipulating sound signals, and using software and hardware to produce high-quality audio

Sound engineering for live events:

  • Conducted  in a live setting 
  • Fast-paced and dynamic
  • Involves a more hands-on approach to adjust the sound to suit the ever-changing conditions of a live performance. This can include dealing with unexpected changes in the acoustics of the space, dealing with feedback and other issues
  • Requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to overcome these challenges 

The goal of a live event sound engineer is to achieve the best balance between sound quality and coverage, taking into account the acoustics of the venue, the performers on stage, and the audience.

With that being said, the fast-paced and dynamic nature of live events requires sound engineers to have a unique set of skills and knowledge which makes this role both challenging and exhilarating.

Demand & Salary of Sound Engineers 

The high demand for live event sound engineers in Singapore is driven by a thriving events industry, which includes international conferences, concerts, festivals, and other live performances. Singapore’s reputation as a business and tourism hub has also led to a steady influx of international events, which has resulted in high demand for skilled sound engineers who have graduated in sound production courses. 

According to glassdoor, the average salary of a sound engineer working in Singapore is SGD$ 3,581 a month. However, sound engineers who have more experience and specialized skills may command higher salaries. 

sound engineering course
Image by BELLS Tech Hub

Interested In Making Sound Engineering A Career?

Sound engineering is a challenging, exciting and rewarding career that offers a wide range of opportunities for those with a passion for audio. If you’re interested in becoming one, attending a sound engineering course in Singapore is the first step!

At BELLS Tech Hub, we offer a comprehensive sound engineering course in Singapore that is suitable for beginners. It covers everything you need to know to excel in this exciting field, with hands-on learning. Plus, you will be trained by seasoned industry professionals in New Media Lab, a next-generation media training center

New Media Lab @Kallang Wave Mall is Singapore’s first 5G-enabled acoustically treated multimedia event space. This high-tech training center is designed to provide an all-integrated, tech-enabled event center and a wide spectrum of hands-on media courses

Specifically for audio engineering courses, the media lab also features a large acoustically-treated space with a control room fitted with a see-thru glass panel. 

Sounds exciting? 

Turn your passion for sound into a career and enrol in this SkillsFuture Credit eligible sound engineering course today!

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