Learn To Bake Your Own Chinese New Year Cookies At Home

Learn To Bake Your Own Chinese New Year Cookies At Home
Photo by BELLS Baking Studio

As we bid adieu to 2022, it’s time to herald the arrival of 2023 with Chinese New Year falling in the month of January. To welcome the new year, why not join baking courses in Singapore and your hand at baking your very own Chinese New Year cookies?

They’ll make perfect door gifts for loved ones, neighbours and even colleagues! Pass on your well-wishes of good luck and fortune for the year ahead, while picking up essential baking skills at a baking studio in Singapore like BELLS Baking Studio!

Need some festive baking inspo to get those creative juices flowing? Here are 3 very popular confectioneries that even a beginner can master!

Learn To Bake Your Own Chinese New Year Cookies At Home
Photo by BELLS Baking Studio

1. Cranberry Biscotti with Orange Peel

Orange peel is a key ingredient as oranges are believed to usher good luck and fortune due to their pronunciation in Chinese. To amp up the dessert factor, you can even pair this with a generous scoop of ice cream, by dipping it or crumbling and sprinkling on top of the cold treat!

For the coming Chinese New Year, BELLS Baking Studio is introducing this festive recipe in our baking courses in singapore until 31 Jan 2023! 

Find it under our Cakes and Cookies baking lesson in Singapore, where we share more of such recipes that are totally beginner-friendly!

Learn To Bake Your Own Chinese New Year Cookies At Home
Photo by BELLS Baking Studio

2. Butter Cookies

These melt-in-your-mouth cookies aren’t great for the diet, but boy are they addictive! Reminiscent of the iconic Jenny’s butter cookies, have a go at making them in under half an hour.

Simply mix flour water, butter and pipe into your desired shapes. To further customise the recipe, try incorporating vanilla essence, orange or even for a more festive vibe! Finally, use sugar icing to decorate with classic Chinese New Year symbols to usher good fortune.

The best part of the process? The deliciously addictive butter aroma that wafts through your kitchen as they bake golden-brown in the oven!

3. Walnut Shortbread Cookies

Are you familiar with these peanut cookies at every relative’s table?

Learn To Bake Your Own Chinese New Year Cookies At Home
Photo by ZaTaYaYummy

If so, add your own twist on this beloved classic by substituting peanuts with walnuts! Walnuts are known to keep bad cholesterol away, contain tons of good vitamins and minerals like thiamine, vitamin B6, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium and copper, and are naturally gluten, sodium and cholesterol-free. All of this makes walnuts a nutrient-dense superfood that can build your immune systems and protect brain health.

Simply incorporate coarsely chopped walnuts into simple shortbread cookies, creating a crumbly yet crunchy texture!

Any of these recipes piqued your interest? The customisation possibilities are endless, and feel free to tweak these recipes to your heart’s content!

If you still need more convincing, here are more reasons as to why you should learn at BELLS Baking Studio in Singapore!

  • All ingredients in the recipe are provided. Simply enjoy a fuss-free experience baking and cooking!
  • Didn’t pay attention in class? Or can’t recall the exact recipe measurements? Take home our exclusive BELLS Recipe Book to recreate these goodies at home!
  • All the equipment, utensils and ingredients you need will be present at your designated station.
  • Our in-house chefs will be teaching and demonstrating the entire process live, with an added projection on a large screen so even those seated further away can see in detail.

In light of the copious amounts of feasting ahead, why not learn a new skill to burn some calories? 

Take your pick of SkillsFuture credit eligible baking courses in Singapore offered by BELLS Baking Studio today! 

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