Celebrity Chef Siti Mastura Conducted Her First Master Class @BELLS Baking Club

Celebrity Master Chef Siti Mastura has graced our newly opened BELLS Baking Club with her culinary prowess, hosting an exclusive baking Master Class that left taste buds tingling and imaginations ignited.

With her expertise and charm, Chef Siti Mastura led participants through a delectable journey, unveiling the secrets behind her signature creations. Attendees were enthralled as they learned techniques, tips, and tricks straight from the master herself.

BELLS Baking Club was transformed into a hub of creativity and inspiration, fostering a dynamic atmosphere where passion for baking flourished. Chef Mastura’s master class is an unforgettable experience, leaving attendees eager to explore their own culinary potential.

About the Master Chef

A luminary in Singapore’s culinary realm for over two decades, Chef Siti Mastura has graced TV screens on with her own baking show ‘Vanila’ and has been a judge on MasterChef Malaysia season 1.

The architect of the acclaimed bilingual cookbook “Ignite the Flame – Bonding the Generations,” Chef Siti transcends baking, seamlessly weaving tradition and family into every recipe

About BELLS Baking Club

Built on the fundamentals that baking can be a fun experience, BELLS Baking Club offers a plethora of options including DIY Baking with specially designed Digital Recipe Assistant, curated baking sessions for kids and families, exclusive Mater Class Series and more.

Location: Suntec City Mall West Wing, Temasek Boulevard, #02-408/409/411/412, Singapore 038983 |  bellsbakingclub.sg

About Master Class Series

Dive into the world of gastronomic excellence, where each session is curated to hone your skills to perfection under the guidance of various MasterChef & maestro!

To enquire about Chef Mastura’s Master Class, click here

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