Career Exploration Journey: BELLS X e2i

BELLS has been honoured to co-organize the Career Exploration Journey, 2023 along with the esteemed Employment & Employability Institute, e2i on 10th Feb. Singaporeans from all walks of life have taken part in this half-day journey which started at BELLS’s flagship baking studio @Suntec city.

After an interactive tour especially conducted by the directorial bodies of BELLS, participants were transported to the BELLS HQ center.

They were given a detailed overview on BELLS mission, achievement and work culture. The participants also have been given the opportunity to interview with our hiring managers to explore various career opportunities at BELLS

The highlight of the event has been the Wellness Corner represented by Wan Ling Yeo, Director of NTUC U Women & Family to BELLS in recognition of its dedication to ensure a better work environment through flexible work arrangements, work-life harmony practices, and stringent policies against workplace harassment.

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