BELLS Tech Empowers Attendees with AI-Tools Workshop at SkillsFuture Festival, 2023

BELLS Institute of Higher Learning is privileged to co-host the AI Workshop with SkillsFuture Singapore in the highly anticipated SkillsFuture Festival 2023 on 4th August 2023 at Lifelong Learning Institute.

Titled “UNLEASHING AI Tools: A Beginner-to-Intermediate Workshop to Optimize Productivity and Accelerate Career Growth”, the workshop aimed to expose attendees to the various AI tools in different domains which can be harnessed to enhance productivity in their careers.

BELLS Tech recognises the pervasiveness of AI in today’s Tech age and has been advocating more Singaporeans to upskill and be AI-enabled with its AI-ChatGPT course – “Digital Transformation in the Era of 5G & AI” (Skillsfuture Credit eligible)

This workshop marks another milestone in BELLS’ advocacy in AI-upskilling for Singaporeans.

In the 2-hour workshop, the 60 over participants were entertained and mesmerised by Mr. Naidu Gautama, BELLS’ Master Trainer and Mr. Patrick Ho, BELLS Chief Growth Officer and Evangelist of BELLS Tech on the marvels of AI.

The program offered a glimpse into what Bells Tech offers in its 4 day programDigital Transformation in the Era of AI

The attendees were empowered with tools to harness the full potential of AI-driven communication. Naidu covered a range of essential topics, including powerful prompt engineering techniques that unlocked relevant and concise responses from ChatGPT, the leading conversational AI developed by OpenAI.

Additionally, we delved into the realm of Generative AI tools, exploring their applications not only in text generation but also in the fascinating world of image and video creation.

This transformative learning journey equipped participants with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of AI-powered communication and creation.

BELLS Institute of Higher Learning extends its heartfelt gratitude to SkillsFuture Singapore for providing the opportunity to contribute to the SkillsFuture Festival 2023.

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