BELLS conducted AI workshop at the Learning Neighbourhood 2023 @ North West Roadshow

BELLS expresses sincere gratitude to Lifelong Learning Institute for the collaborative opportunity to present the “AI & You: Levelling Up with Generative AI” workshop. The session aims to contribute to lifelong learning and upskilling, focusing on Generative AI and the influential ChatGPT technology.

On 18 Nov 2023, BELLS has successfully conducted the workshop titled “AI & You: Levelling Up with Generative AI” at the Learning Neighbourhood 2023 @ North West Roadshow organised by Lifelong Learning Institute and held in Canberra Plaza. The 45-minute interactive session had provided a dynamic exploration into the world of AI.

  • Introduction to Generative AI: The workshop commenced with an insightful introduction to Generative AI, unraveling the marvels of AI tools for those new to the concept.
  • Real-Time Demonstration: Mr. Naidu, the Master Trainer, demonstrated how AI, specifically ChatGPT, significantly benefits job-seekers. Real-time examples included crafting compelling job application cover letters and interview preparation.
  • Practical Applications: The session concluded with practical applications, where the Master Trainer shared AI image generators along with tips on creating high-resolution masterpieces.

For those eager to delve further into the realm of Generative AI, BELLS invites exploration of their comprehensive course on AI and ChatGPT. Inquiries can be directed to

Here’s some sneak peek of the event

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