3 Yummy Christmas Recipes to learn in our Baking Course in Singapore

We’re nearing the end of November, which means the year-end festivities are just around the corner! It’s a great time to reunite with family and friends and catch up on all that we’ve missed over the past two years.

If you have a party coming up and want to bring something without overextending your budget, why not give baking a try? 

If you’re an absolute amateur, our beginner-friendly baking courses in Singapore can guide you every step of the way.

Here are 3 baking recipes that’ll make for great centrepieces in your Christmas feasts. They’re sure to impress and add to the holiday atmosphere!

Photo by BELLS Baking Studio
Butter Cookies (BELLS Baking Studio Cake & Cookie Course)

We’re starting things off with a classic Christmas-themed staple with lots of room for creativity! Ask any baker that has attended any baking course in Singapore, they all have their butter cookie recipe they swear by, so we’re introducing one you can tweak to suit your tastes.

If you have kids in the house, get them to participate too! Make an adorable Christmas-themed cookie base and prepare an assortment of toppings for the kids to have fun! Some suggestions include cut fruits, chocolate chips, pecans, and assorted nuts.

Photo by BELLS Baking Studio
Dark Cherry Swiss Roll (BELLS Baking Studio Cake & Cookie Course)

When the traditional Christmas log cake is too decadent for your palate, the beloved Dark Cherry Swiss Roll is a lighter and more delicate alternative while being a staple among most Singaporeans!

Learn how to roll up this special swiss roll during the baking lessons in SIngapore and enjoy the light fluffiness of the roll without compromising on the rich, gooey goodness of chocolate! A chocolatey, fluffy chiffon roll encases a light cream and sweet cherry filling.

To add a festive touch, top with a garnish of cranberries, piped buttercream and chocolate!

Photo by BELLS Baking Studio
Yoghurt Raspberry Tart (BELLS Baking Studio Bread & Tarts Course)

If you are looking for any baking courses in Singapore that offer lighter recipes, then this one is perfect for you. The yoghurt raspberry tart is a great way to get some probiotics in and bring desserts to the table. 

The ingredients are simple enough – gather raspberries or mixed berries of your choice, your favourite yoghurt, and premade filo sheets are all you need to get started!

If you’re looking to impress everyone at the Christmas parties you’re RSVP-ing to, there’s more than enough time to pick up baking skills at our baking studio in Singapore! 

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