Top 3 Cookie Recipes You Need to Learn at Our Baking Studio in Singapore

Who can ignore the heavenly aroma coming from any baking studio in Singapore when they are making fresh cookies! In this apt but anonymous quote,“Life is better with fresh baked cookies”! The humble cookie is anything but.

The recipe is deceptively simple, while allowing for all sorts of combinations and customisations. They come in all shapes, flavours, sizes and textures, while being a great way to dip your toes into the baking world.


Besides, these tasty treats make great presents for your friends, colleagues and loved ones, which can be easily customised to every occasion and preference.

1. Cranberry Biscotti

Wonderfully light, crisp, crunchy, the cranberry biscotti is like a dense, crunchy cookie. Eat them as they are, or dipped in a piping hot cup of coffee or tea! Often made around the Christmas festive period, the addition of dried cranberries gives it a festive zing.

Fun fact: They’re actually a healthier alternative than most conventional baked foods, much less than the beloved donut or cookie. Originating from Italy, the name essentially translates to “twice cooked”. This double-baking process renders them non-perishable, plus gives them their signature dry, crunchy texture.

Switch them up with most conventional cookie pairings, such as chocolate, nuts, dried fruits and even jams!

2. Matcha Almond Cookies

Waiting for Japan’s travel borders to open up? Satisfy your travel wanderlust with some matcha almond cookies! Quality matcha, aka Japanese green tea powder, is a vivid shade of green as opposed to a dull green. 

The earthy, slight-bitter green tea notes complement light vanilla notes for a delightful dessert, even after a hearty meal. Finally, thin almond slices add a nice nutty crunch that leaves you simply craving for more. Take it up a notch with the addition of molten white chocolate chips for a hint of sweetness.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies

The chocolate chip cookie is a timeless classic for a reason. With a generous folding of decadent chocolate chips, these simply melt in your mouth. Popular additions include peanut butter chunks, white chocolate chips and sprinkle of chopped nuts for a layered mouthfeel.

Fun fact: To differentiate your cookies from the rest, use only premium ingredients for the chocolate chips, butters and sugars. As different types of flours can potentially complicate your recipe, stick to plain, all-purpose flour to maintain consistency.

Any seasoned home baker will tell you that even the simplest of recipes can easily become a recipe for disaster with just the slightest mistake. Taking classes in a professional baking studio in Singapore like BELLS Baking Studio allows us to share the science behind baking, so that you can create your recipes and adjust them as desired.

Their 8 days SkillsFuture Credit eligible baking lessons in Singapore encompasses:

  • Understanding of baking tools & equipment
  • Understanding ratios and proportions for measurements
  • Learning basic baking skills like sifting dry ingredients, resting doughs for pastries, folding and turning
  • Controlling baking times and temperatures
  • Preparing premixes, frozen and bake-off products for convenience
  • Preventing common baking mistakes, checking for doneness
  • Cooling and storing of finished pastries, cookies and raw materials

And more!

Get inspired by these trendy recipes covered by one of the top baking studio in Singapore, and fine tune your choice of cookie recipe that’s truly, uniquely yours!

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