7 Easy Baking Recipes To Try This National Day

Many of us are looking forward to celebrating Singapore’s 57th birthday this August. Here are 7 easy baking recipes you can try out this National Day break for your family to feast on while watching the iconic national day parade!

However, do you find yourself wanting to serve homemade food for the family but you’re short on time? You can consider baking instead!

Most baking recipes are fairly simple to follow – even if you’ve never taken baking lessons!

Here are 7 easy and healthy baking recipes you can try this National Day

  1. Miso Banana Bread
Photo by John Kernick

The banana bread has been overdone during lockdown but adding miso is one of our favourite Asian fusion twists to the classic recipe. The savoury umami flavour goes surprisingly well with the moist banana bread and delicious crust.

Don’t believe us?

Just try it out and maybe you or someone in your family will enjoy it! It’s always fun to try new recipes.
Check it out here: https://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/miso-banana-bread

2. Sambal baked fish

Photo by Unilever Food Solutions

A dish made for sambal lovers! The best part of baking fish is that you can enjoy eating it at home without the hot oil splatters. (Which means less clean-up!)

For the fish, you can opt for a red snapper, sea bass or even stingray. Don’t forget to squeeze fresh calamansi over your sambal fish before serving it with a bowl of warm rice.

Here’s an easy recipe for you: https://www.unileverfoodsolutions.com.my/en/recipe/baked-whole-snapper-sambal-sauce-R0062631.html

3. Crispy Baked Tofu

Photo by Cookie and Kate

You either love or hate tofu – there’s really no in between. They are great served on their own or tossed into a salad. The vegetarians in your family will appreciate you for this dish.

Choose extra firm tofu and squeeze out the extra moisture at the start of your prep. They will turn out super crispy after you have baked them!

We love this recipe by Cookie and Kate: https://cookieandkate.com/how-to-make-crispy-baked-tofu

4. Baked Honey Garlic Chicken

Photo by Ethan Calabrese

This is for the ones who prefer chicken over tofu and fish. Tender chicken pieces baked with the tantalising soy, honey and garlic sauce will always be a crowd favourite – and it’s incredibly easy to make. A simple dish you can definitely add to your weekly meal rotations.

You can choose chicken breasts or go for thighs for the extra juiciness. 

Feel free to switch the protein with beef, fish, pork and yes, even tofu!

Try out this recipe by Delish here: https://www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/recipes/a45708/baked-honey-garlic-chicken-recipe

5. Prata Egg Tarts

Photo by AsiaOne

You don’t need to take baking lessons in Singapore to attempt this recipe. (But you’re always welcome to check out our baking studio in Suntec!) This easy recipe trended on TikTok – and for a good reason.

Replacing the traditional puff pastry with frozen prata reduces your prep time in half. You can pop them in the oven or even an air fryer! The combination of flaky prata and egg tarts is simply too hard to resist.

You can search for the recipes on Tiktok or check this one out: https://www.asiaone.com/lifestyle/i-try-tracy-lees-hack-egg-tarts-and-its-so-easy-even-kids-can-make-it

6. Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Photo by King Arthur Baking

Purple sweet potatoes are a staple in many Asian communities and they come packed with anthocyanin which possesses antioxidant effects. Their striking purple flesh makes them stand out on every dining table and entices even the picky eaters to give it a try!

Who can say no to pies?

Here is a yummy recipe you can follow: https://www.kingarthurbaking.com/recipes/purple-sweet-potato-pie-recipe

7. Plum Cake

Photo by Just One Cookbook

This sweet treat will be a hit with your family – delicious on its own, or top it off with vanilla ice cream! 

Even though this cake is a dessert, plums are high in nutrients, along with many other health benefits. The recipe is quite straightforward – especially if you have experience in baking cookies. 

Not a fan of plums? You can switch it out with lemon zest, almond slices or even crystallised ginger! For an extra kick of flavour, add some ground cinnamon before serving. 

You can follow this Plum Cake recipe here: https://www.justonecookbook.com/plum-cake/

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