Exploring The World Of Our Baking Classes In Singapore

baking classes in singapore
Image via BELLS Baking Studio

Are you a seasoned student when it comes to attending baking classes in Singapore? Or looking to dip your toes in some professional baking classes to pick up a nifty new skill?

We feel that such classes in Singapore are generally divided into 2 categories – the ones that are more beginner-friendly baking classes in Singapore, guiding you every step of the way, and the ones that are more experimental, allowing you the freedom to customise the recipes and make it truly yours!

As for the types of bakes, there’s a huge variety ranging from traditional confectioneries, trendy Korean bento cakes to seasonal items such as Chinese New Year bakes, Christmas cakes and even ethnic bakes from our Malay and Indian counterparts!

At BELLS Baking Studio, we are renowned for our WSQ baking courses and its commitment to providing a fun and engaging learning experience for students!

We primarily offer four types of baking classes in Singapore (that are also SkillsFuture Credit-eligible):

baking classes in singapore
Image via BELLS Baking Studio

1. Cakes & Cookies 

Our first and most popular course to date, master beginner-friendly recipes that look and taste good! We have both traditional and modern recipes, from Lemon Pound Cake to Matcha Almond Cookies and Apple-shaped Cookies!

baking classes in singapore
Image via BELLS Baking Studio

2. Breads & Tarts

In this SkillsFuture Credit-eligible course, experience what it’s like to bake a whole basket of bread and spread of afternoon pastries all by yourself! Technique and flavour-focused, this course will run the gauntlet from bread kneading techniques, to ingredient ratios and fail-proof methods.

3. Muffins, Scones & Macarons 

Do you too drool at the aroma of freshly baked Muffins and Scones as you pass by any bakery, wishing you could whip up a batch on your own? Try our SkillsFuture Credit eligible Hands-on Muffins, Scones and Macarons Baking Course! Even with zero baking knowledge, you’ll get hands-on training by our in-house chefs at a fully-equipped equipment station.

4. Dim Sums Making

Consisting of dry-heat and moist-heat techniques, keep the intricate art of dim-sum making alive that’s sure to impress even the most jaded grandparents!

From cakes, breads, macarons and even dim sums, there’s a confectionery course for every kind of baker out there! We also constantly reinvent and innovate our beloved recipes, so regulars will still walk away with brand new recipes.

baking classes in singapore
Image via BELLS Baking Studio

For those in the corporate world, we also offer Team Building BakingWorkshops to bring your team together to whip up some candid and adventurous time! Choose from several different themes that make for great photos – Flamboyant Hawaii, Animal Kingdom, Secret Agent Espionage, and Magical Fairy Land just to name a few! Simply shortlist your choice of recipe, choose your preferred theme, dates and number of pax and you’re all ready to roll!

To us, what sets BELLS Baking Studio apart from other baking studios in Singapore is our variety of baking classes, accessible studios, and professional chef-trainers who go the extra mile.


Be it for an individual class, or looking for the next team bonding venture, take your pick of SkillsFuture Credit-eligible baking classes in Singapore offered by BELLS Baking Studio!

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